How it works

About Borrow Me Bridal

Let's face it, as a bride you want the best of the best - and it gets EXPENSIVE LADIES! 

I recently got married and found myself spending SO much money on pieces that I was ONLY going to use one for my bridal Era. I never wanted to rewear anything. I found myself cluttering my closet and not knowing what to do with the items that I no longer needed post wedding. That's where Borrow Me Bridal born! 

What is Borrow Me Bridal?

We are a rental service for brides specializing in the latest fashion pieces for everything wedding related. From your engagement party to your honeymoon & everything in between. WE GOT YOU! 

How long are rental periods?

3, 5 or 10 days.

This period doesn't include shipping times. You are only paying for the days that you can wear your items! We aim to have items to you 1-2 days prior to your rental period, so if you rent from 4/10-4/15, we'll aim to have your rentals to you by 4/8 or 4/9 

We are flexible so please send us an email if you're looking to extend your rental period! [email protected]

How does It work?

1. Select your desired item

2. Select your rental period at checkout. 

3. We aim to have rentals to you 1 to 2 days prior to your rental period. 

4. All rentals include a return label & instructions on how to mail the item back!

5. Don't forget to send us your photos for $10 off your next rental! 

How do I return something that I rent?

WE MADE IT SUPER EASY! You have enough to worry about! Simply package it back up in the same box and use the prepaid return label that we sent you!

What type of items can I rent?

For now, we're offering a handful of dresses & on trend purses, jewelry & accessories. 

Will you be adding more inventory?

Yes! Be sure to check our website & follow us on instagram for launch information. 

What happens if I loose or damage an item?

Don't stress! Your rental price includes coverage for general wear and tear.
If an accessory is damaged or lost you will be charged the current retail price of the item. 


Damaged/Flawed items:

-If an item is returned broken beyond normal wear and tear,  we are subject to charge the last renter the current retail price of the item for a replacement.

-If an item has to be taken to the dry cleaners to be cleaned post-rental, you will be charged the cost of the dry cleaning + a $5 inconvenience fee. 

-If the item is not shipped 2 days past the end of the rental period, the customer will be charged a $100 late fee of the cost of the rental. 

-If the items aren't mailed back in the original box, the customer may have to pay for return shipping as the return label won't be valid.